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Though summer nights are short this is the best time to observe the sky. Chaos seems to rule over the sky, but if we take a closer look the stars will become less mysterious. The Great Bear is the best-known constellation and also the easiest to find. It is a real road sign in the sky, as thanks to it we can find other bright stars, for example: the Pole Star and Arcturus. Vega with Deneb and Altair, that is the Summer Triangle, are other very conspicuous stars. Summer is also an excellent time to admire the Milky Way.

For ages people have been trying to find recognizable shapes in the sky. The northern sky, however, was portrayed by the ancient Greeks. The Scorpio - with the most luminous star Antares - is a mythological creature that bit Orion. The Swan is the transformed Zeus who kidnapped beautiful Leda. We can also see the Sobieski's Shield - the constellation marked by Jan Heweliusz.

Although summer nights are rich in beautiful objects, summer is a time of domination of another body - the Sun. Serious observations can only be conducted at the bigger observatories, such as Kitt Peak in Arizona. Our daily star is a huge thermonuclear boiler where hydrogen is converted into helium. A small amount of the energy generated by the Sun is sufficient to allow life on the Earth.

Now, we are back on the Earth, but in a completely different place - in the Andes, in the south of Chile. It is possible to see the stars that we will never see in Poland. We can find the Southern Cross, the Centaur, the Ship's Sails and other constellations established at the time of the great geographic discoveries. We will see two faint spots - the Magellan Clouds, companions to our Galaxy.

After that part of the programme we start the journey towards the stars. We will closely look at the Vega which is hotter than the Sun, Altair - a star twice as big as the Sun or Antares - a red giant whose days are counted. Antares is about to become a supernova.

We finish our journey in the Old Town in Torun, where we can see the same stars which Nicolas Copernicus used to study.
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