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  • Tipping is usually not expected in Poland, but it seems to be the practise in higher class restaurants (see also our section Restaurants & Eating here),
  • Bargaining: fixed price are the norm in Poland,
  • Knowledge of English is not bad and better among younger people. So ask courageously if you cannot find your way around,
  • Don't hail your taxis from the rank - better phone for one, it would be cheaper (see also our section Taxi here),
  • You won't find any coin-operated phone boxes. You'll need to buy a telephone card (karta telefoniczna) from a Post Office or street kiosk (see also our section Telephone here),
  • In the side streets watch out the dog's excrements,
  • Many of the pubs are open till late (or early… morning) and till the last guest leave,
  • About weather here but: bring warm clothes and a hat even in summer, it really can be pretty chilly, windy and rain can arrive against the good forecasts,
  • About money here but: avoid changing money in hotels. If you look around a bit you'll find better deal,
  • Polish symbol for differentiating public toilets for women is circle and for men is triangle. Using a public toilet is paid,
  • Most movies in Polish cinemas are normally shown in the original language with Polish subtitles,
  • Polish national dish is bigos, made of brined cabbage with variety of meats, smoked meats and mushrooms. Another speciality worth trying is golabki (pron.: gowombki) - cabbage leaves stuffed with minced meat and rice served with tomato or mushroom sauce. About Polish cuisine here.
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Ella, 2018-10-17 09:57:21 (

National dish also is a rosoł, do not forget. On Chicken stock usually soup with veg, but clear with lots of fresh parsley. It is a must to try.
There is also pork or chicken sznycel and variety of salad based on seasonal local veg raw or steemed.
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